Vegetarian fried vegetable


– 1 carrot

– 200g  baby corns

– 4-5 shiitakes  mushroom (if you use mushrooms, about 10 ears)

– 100g field peas

– 100g bell peppers

– Boa-ro onion.

– Spices: soy sauce, sugar, salt, cooking oil, flour.

How to make it:

– Step 1: Preprocessing:

  • Field peas: pick up clean, cut off head, wash clean.
  • Bell peppers: cut off seeds and cut into pieces.
  • Baby corn: wash, double cut. Carrots: crusted, cut into small pieces , thin taste.
  • Green onion: cut across about 0.5 cm. Shiitakes mushroom, soak for delation, cut off root. After that, cut about 0.5 cm.

– Step 2: add cooking oil, garlic for aromatic (there are a lot of vegetarian don’t eat garlic should be able to put in later), then add baby corn and carrot stir fry.

– Step 3: When baby corns, carrots were cooked,  add peas and shiitakes. When fried,  remember to add a little water for vegetables ripen and pan isn’t burn . Finally,  add green onions. Taste seasonings  include soy sauce, salt, sugar.

– Step 4: Before turn off  stove, sprinkle little flour in pan. It makes dish is sticky, glossy and eye-catching.


Decorate in a plate.  Sprinkle a little pepper and decorate with 2-3 cilantros.


This dish is the best choice for vegetarian days or days of abstinence from fish, meat. It is a simple dish and ingredients including baby corns, peas, bell peppers, carrots and a few  mushrooms, you have a delicious vegetarian dish.