Stir- fried beef with celery


– 250g  beef

– 50g celery (can be replaced with onion and mushroom)

– Garlic & chili

– 100ml  sunflower oil (which will be better if you don’t  have it, you can use normal cooking oil)

– Spicy: salt, main noodles, pepper


– Sliced ​​beef.

– Celery: cut about 5cm, wash clean.

– Add sunflower oil in pan. Add garlic for  aromatic, then add  beef,  stir fry and add spicy.

– Fried fastly , dump out plate.

– Add celery, mix for just ripe, add beef into mixture.

Note: do not  fry beef too long, it will dry up and very tough, not sweet, beef must be soft, just ripe, sweet, celery no pungent but crispy.


Dumped out a plate, sprinkle some pepper and some cilantro.


The beef is soft, sweet and delicious with celery’s crispy together will so attractive. Beside that,  simple way, fast, low cost, very suitable for  family meals every day.