Mushrooms steamed Soy sauce



– Enokitake: 300 gr

– Carrot: 100 gr

– Chili: 2 left

– Soy sauce, sugar, oil



– Step 1: First wash your feet, remove the legs. Carrots peeled and sliced thin.


– Step 2: Put the mushrooms and carrots in the steamer for about 7 minutes.

– Step 3: Continue to follow your instructions for sugar in the bowl of soy sauce and bring to stir. Then sprinkle soy sauce on top of the mushroom and continue to steam in about 2 minutes.


Place mushrooms on a fork, sprinkle with chopped peppers and enjoy.


Mushrooms steamed soy sauce is similar to other delicious, nutritious dishes, so eat when it is hot to feel the full flavor of the dish.