Liver of mush duck Mekong


– Liver of mush duck/duck: 240g

– Apples: 100g

– Sugar: 20g

– Balsamic vinegar: 20ml

– Broth (made from stewed with vegetables, tubers, fruits): 100ml

– Cinnamon: 5g

Salt and pepper

Cooking methods:

– Step 1: Put liver of mush duck with some salt and pepper. After that, liver of mush duck well fried.

– Step 2: Cut apple into pieces.  Pour the sugar into the pot with a bit of water and balsamic vinegar, cook until it turns the yellow color. After that, we give apple and reduce fire to avoid burning of sugar. Next, we add the cinnamon bar, brown broth at the simmer until the aroma of cinnamon and moderate viscous of the mixture.  We can add salt and pepper to taste.

-Step 3: Sauce will be the cinnamon smell after processing along with the smooth sour taste of apples and balsamic vinegar.


Put a little sauce on the plate and place the liver of mush duck on top, decorated around with apples and sauce. It will be more attractive if we can decorate with a little fruit and vegetables.


The fatty of the liver mixed with the sweet, a little bitter taste of caramel apple sauce and fragrance of cinnamon.