Jelly Coconut


– 1 coconut

– Gelatin: 10 – 20g

– Sugar: 100gr

– Coconut milk: 100ml

– Fresh coconut water: 1 liter


– Step 1: Mix sugar with gelatin and do not put water into that mixture

– Step 2: Put a pot on the stove and give 3 liters of fresh coconut water to cook in a small fire. At the same time, pour the sugar mixture in the gelatin to stir in order to not clump.

–  Step 3: When the jelly mixture is boiling and the powder is completely dissolved, you pour the mixture into 2/3 coconuts

– Step 4: Mix remaining jelly, we continue cooking on the stove and mix with coconut milk until mixture mixed together.

– Step 5: Wait for the surface of jelly in the coconut dry, we can continue pouring water in step 3 above.

– Step 6: Then leave in the fridge about 30 minutes to freeze. Then, you can enjoy it!


You can use the coconut shell to decorate the dish, it becomes more attractive. Jelly will be better if you are chilled


In the hot summer sun, there is nothing more wonderful than the coconut jelly. It is so good, cool and refreshing your body. Why do you not try?