Hot Cocoa

Cocoa has many good health effects that many people do not expect: anti-depressant, help lose weight, help sleep, stabilize blood sugar, beautify the skin, … Nutrition experts recommend drink a cup of hot cocoa every morning for a good working day and maintain good health.

1. Ingredients:

– Water or milk










– Condensed milk

– Sugar

– Cocoa pure powder

– Coconut

– Marshmallow / vanilla / cream

2. Practice:

– Step 1: Add about 180ml of water or milk (do not boil), stir the milk to keep from burning. Then add half a tablespoon of coconut milk (if you do not like it, you can skip this step).

– Step 2: Add one spoon of cocoa powder (7g) and 2 spoons of sugar (if you like more or less sweet, can reduce sugar and add condensed milk) into a cup and mix well.

– Step 3: Add water or hot milk (about 80 degrees C) to mixture.

– Step 4: Stir until melted.

3. Presentation:

Hot cocoa  have perfect can add toppings or favorite flavors. Decorate with candy, vanilla or ice cream for eye-catching.

4. Sensation:

Bitter cocoa with fat of milk makes a perfect combination. Every morning, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa delicious and nutritious to have energy throughout the day.