Honey Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum can be mixed with honey, artichokes, licorice, apple, etc., help to detoxification, emotion, liver and eye lightening. In addition, using chrysanthemum tea daily also helps reduce blood fat, reduce fat and support effective weight effective.

Many people mistakenly think of making chrysanthemum tea will be complicate, but just a few simple ingredients that you can make a cup of chrysanthemum tea yourself at home.


  • 10g dried chamomile

  • 30ml of honey

How to make it:

– Chrysanthemum after distillation can be cut flowers to dry and put into the glass used gradually.

– Add chrysanthemum in glass and glaze through with warm water. You’re continue to pour boiling water, cover for 3 minutes for tea to soak.

– You should prepare some lotus jam to sip along with tea. When adding honey to tea.

Pure chrysanthemum tea with honey, the subtle fragrance of flowers will help warm up the body, dispel stress, help sleep and have a deep sleep.