Grilled Pork with Cheeses



– 500g of pork

– 200g celery

– 100g cashew nuts

– 150g Parmesan cheese

– Spices: salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic, honey.


Step 1: Rinse the vegetables and then add the vegetables and garlic cheese, cashew nuts, salt, olive oil and pepper until the mixture is smooth and smooth.


Step 2: Use a hammer to beat soft pork and then marinated pork with pepper, salt in about 20 minutes to let the pork spice.


Step 3: Continue to spread the mixture just ground in step 1 above the pork. Then roll the meat and fix it with a pin or just white.


Step 4: Put the pan on the stove then bring the pork to the frying pan until light yellow meat surface is okay.

Step 5: Then spread a thin layer of honey together with the olive oil on the surface of the meat.


Step 6: Bring pork baked in a temperature of 130 degrees C in about 25 minutes you have finished the crispy pork baked cheese delicious crunchy then.


Let the meat cool and then spread another layer of honey and cut it into pieces to eat and invite the family to enjoy delicious food every day.


The outside of the crispy golden crisps, but inside the extremely soft and sweet meat sure you will love! You can eat with rice or mashed potatoes tasty as always.