Fish balls with cheese


300g grinded featherback

50g cheese


Onion, pepper, seasoning, chives

Sauce: chili sauce or maysolais

Cooking methods:

Step 1: marinated, put a spoon seasoning, pepper, small onion in grinded featherback so that the dish is tougher.

Step 2: Cut cheeses with small pieces to make kernel

Step 3: Use your hands to roll the featherback with cheese into balls

Step 4: Pour the flour on the plate, roll the pellets through flour

Step 5: Heat oil for cooking, fry the pellets until golden brown


Put into the plate and use carrots or cucumbers to decorate. Featherback with cheese will be great when it is still hot.


The sweet of featherback and fatty of cheese mix harmoniously when using with chili sauce. Try it and feel it.