Cocoa Ice Coffee

1. Ingredients:

– The coffee

– Fresh milk

– Sugar

– 15g cocoa powder

– Prepare stone tray, coffee (can be replaced with instant coffee)

2. Practice:

– Step 1: Use hot water to make coffee.

– Step 2: Pour coffee into  ice tray and freeze in the freezer fridge.

– Step 3: Add cocoa powder to glass. Add 100ml of fresh milk heat up.

– Step 4: Add milk or sugar to taste, stir, coffee and enjoy.


3. Presentation:

Add milk cocoa mixture to glass then add ice coffee and enjoy immediately. Ice coffee create taste for cocoa milk and is a way to decorate beautiful parts. Le cochinchine believes anyone see it, will not irresistible find and just want to enjoy a cup of ice  cocoa- coffee is delicious, strange eyes and this attractive.

4. Sensation:

Bitter taste of cocoa and coffee are blend with fat of milk make a perfect combination. Let’s try Le cochinchine make it at home for your family and your friends to enjoy!