200g featherback

1 bowl cold rice

100g carrots shred into small bits

A lotus leaf

Cilantro, spices

Making: To wash the material and cut onions, coriander into small pieces

Step 1: 1 tablespoon seasoning, 1 tablespoon ground pepper mix well and finely grinded to make fish meat more long and delicious

Step 2:  To pack each pieces of featherback into round and flattened tablets (1-2 cm)

Step 3: To put hot oil pan, the fish falls into fried crispy and yellow pieces.

Step 3: To give the carrot seeds to stir about 1-2 minutes

Step 4: To give cool rice with spices: seasoning, fish sauce and stir until it cooked well

Step 5: To let the hot fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf


Put the fried rice in a small bowl and place on a plate. Use carrots prune to decorate the dishes more beautiful.


Featherback is a special fish under the West of Vietnam because of the sweet and tough of fish meat. The dish of fried rice will be even better when it is still hot.