A new way of eating oranges – Wild Whip Smoothie Recipe

We are very passionate about making small, yet powerful upgrades in all areas of our food habits. More often than not small, easy changes make exponential difference in our lives.

Let’s take a look at the simple staple that is oranges and orange juice.

Orange juice consumed as an extracted refined food is quite disturbing to our bodies due to high quantities of swiftly released sugars and no fibre.

Blended oranges with pith, on the other hand is another story altogether. It is a story of cleanses, invertible immune-boosting powers and deep, satisfying nourishment.

In fact, we find it to be one of the most satisfying and nourishing meals-in-a-jar, easy to make and boasting at least 5 times more Vitamin C than simple orange juice.

No waste, no fuss, you get all the nutrition and the flavour.

Viva wholefoods!

All we have to say guys: get your blended oranges on and try for yourselves.

Here’s a basic recipe for a Wild Orange Whip – our favourite way of blending oranges.



(serves 2)

4-5 organic oranges

1 organic lemon or blood orange

4 inches of fresh turmeric

1 tsp of freshly ground black pepper

optional 2 TBLS of raw honey or maple syrup

1l of cooled filtered or spring water

2 TBLS of cold pressed oil of your choice



Start by peeling the oranges using a vegetable peeler. Cut the oranges into quarters or sixths and put in your blender. Also add whole turmeric, back pepper and an optional sweetener. Add enough water to start the blending. Blend well till you get a fluffy soft mix. Add more water if necessary. Finish by adding 2 TBLS of cold press oil of your choice and whizz lightly before serving.