Vegetarian Rolls



Rice paper

Rice noddles.




Fresh herbs

Bean sprouts

Cooking oil, salf, soy sauce, minced chili, minced garlic


Carrots peeled, cut yarn. Bean sprouts rinsed, drained. Wash all kinds of herbs, drained. Chives washed and cut.

Pour the oil into the pan, wait for the heat to fry the tofu and then picked up the plate, then cut yarn.

Add 1 teaspoon of oil to the pan, then pour carrots into fried until nearly nine; add the bean sprouts in the same, wedge ¼ teaspon of salf then off the kitchen.

Rice paper dipped in water to make soft and place it on a large plate. Add fresh herbs, some rice noddles, roll a round to keep the vegetables fixed. then add the mix of carrot and bean sprouts, tofu and chives,roll to the top of the rolls. Do the same for others rolls until finish.

Pour soy sauce into a cup, add minced chili, minced garlic to make sauce.

Eat vegetarian rolls with chili and garlic soy sauce more delicious.