Lotus delight salad


  • Pork: 100g

  • Lotus seed: 150g

  • Shrimp: 100g

  • Carrot: 1

  • Fried onion

  • Persicaria

  • Fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, salt
  • Chilli: 1-2

  • Lemon: 2

  • Peanuts (roasted peanuts): 100g

  • Glutinous rice chupatty

How to make it

  • Step 1: Prepare materials

Lotus is washed mud, cut and split about 5 – 6cm and soaked in water mixed with vinegar

Carrots scrape the skin, washed, then strands of marinated with a little sugar about 10 minutes and squeeze clean water.

Peanuts are cooked and beaten

Stir through the boiling water for bubbling and then rinse with clean water then boil, cool and chop into pieces of meat just eat, you cut the same the lotus about the length and the shape to more beautiful eyes.

Shrimp boiled, peeled, then split the shrimp, keep to the tail section.

Peel onion, sliced and fried.

  • Step 2: Mix the sauce

The fish sauce must have the sweet, salty and sour taste to make delicious and attractive: 2 tablespoons fish sauce + 2 tablespoons water filter + 1 tablespoon lemon juice + 2 tablespoons fish sauce.

Mix all the materials have prepared with the sauce.


  • Decorate the salad to the plate. This dish is accompanied with sweet and sour sauce and glutinous rice chupatty.


Brittle, cool and sweet lotus stems combined with aromatic roasted peanuts and sweet and sour tastes of Lotus delight salad attracts you at the first sight!