Yogurt is a favorite snack, especially on hot summer days. Not only help antifebrile, Yogurt also provides a lot of nutrition for the body. Combined with fresh fruits, your yogurt will become extremely delicious and attractive.


Yogurt box: 1

Condensed milk: 50ml

Kiwi: 1

Apple: 1

Mango: 1

Grape: 100gr


Cooking steps

Step 1: Preparing ingredients

Kiwi, apple, mango, grape wash, soak in salt water for  15-20 minutes and then remove the basket.

Kiwi: peel, cut off 2 heads, cut the pieces just eat.

Apple, mango: peel, cut the piece just eat.

Grapes: remove each fruit from the cluster.

Step 2:

Add ice, condensed mike, yogurt in a blender, puree.

Step 3:

Put all of the fruits in step 1 and mixture in step 2 in a glass.

Pour the fruit yogurt mixture into jars and keep them in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours till the yogurt sets. It’s now ready for family’s snack time.