Brown rice tea

  • Ingredients:1kg brown rice (long-grain or short-grain brown rice)-Salt
  1. Ingredients:Step 1: Note: Don’t soak brown rice by cold water.Step 2: Throw brown rice into frying pan, use chopsticks to stir until having smell sweet and deep color. Switch stove. Wait until get cold and store in a fridge.
  • Step 3: Mix the fried brown rice and water at the rate (a cup of fried brown rice with 3 liter of water – Note: using a cup of yogurt or small cup to measure fried brown rice)
  • Step 4: Pour the mixture into the sauce pan and heat it to low-medium.  Add a teaspoon of salts. Boil until the frying brown rice is soft-ripened.
  1. Presentation:
  • Pour the rice milk into glass and enjoy.
  1. Sensation:

It offers numerous benefits for your health. For example: heat-relieving liver, keep the body cool, relieve and even prevent diarrhea.